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Did you know that just two percent of all purchases are made during the initial contact moment? And less than 10 percent of purchases are made during the fourth contact time. In the average, a consumer requires between 5 to 8 contact times before a purchase is made. These contact moments make up the customer experience and the customer journey differs for each customer. It is crucial to be able to respond to this with your communication to ensure that prospective buyers receive the appropriate information at the right time. The process of making purchasing is called the sales and marketing funnel.
Why do I need funnels?
As we mentioned in the introduction, a customer has between 5 and 8 contact minutes on average for a purchase. Annoying? In reality, it's not! It allows you to promote your company and product or service in so that your customer can not forget you in any way.

Customer journey
The contact moments that result in buying together make up the customer journey. There are numerous models designed for this purpose by marketing experts and experts, however the most widely used is the AIDA model. The model is comprised of the following elements: AIDA model

Attention: The customer knows that you're aware of a specific requirement and is willing to pay for your products or services.
Interest: The client begins to express an interest in your product.
Customer's Desire: Customers need to purchase your product.
Action: The client purchases your product.

Each step of the model has its own unique approach and messages. If the consumer does not have any idea about the product you offer, it's absurd to advertise pricing and packages.

Time and efficiency
The Dakota Burford funnel expert facilitates efficient distribution between sales and marketing. It also helps save time and can be used by your employees. Automated funnels ensure that your website and communication ensure a steady flow of leads throughout the day. The marketing department is able to focus on the communications within this funnel and sales can efficiently spend its time by focusing on leads who are at the end of the buyer's journey and thus your funnel.

Informing and advising
Consumers, whether they are conscious or not, must be educated and informed about the purchasing process. They want to be guided and guided to make the best decision. A marketing funnels offers the opportunity to meet this desire, and at same time, position your business and product as the solution that the customer is looking for.
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