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user312 ("Canadian, eh? Come and join the #1 Canadian team! Come visit our forum and see what...")
UBT - Mikeejones ("Member of The UKBOINC team... Join us here Join the UK BOINC Team:...")
UBT - mickyb69 ("Join the UK BOINC Team: http://www.ukboincteam.org.uk/uk-boinc-team.html")
UBT - NaRyan ("I\'m a 666 year old Super Hero In Training. My powers consist of: Constant moaning...")
UBT - Janea ("Basically lazy housewife, mother and teaching assistant who prefers to spend her time in...")
UBT - The Prof.... ("HI there! I am a train driver from the English midlands, who runs a crunching project for...")
UBT - Steve Tay;or ("I have come from Mondas to take over the World Liverpool are the greatest football team...")
UBT - bobuk ("A Proud Member of UK Boinc Team (UBT)")
umnik ("umnik")

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