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Samuel.Adams ("I formally worked for AFRL in San Antonio. I now work for Microsoft in Redmond. My work...")
Shann ("Juste pour pouvoir ĂȘtre UotD... Just to be UotD...")
sturodgers ("I am the Director at AGS TechNet. Visit us at our site. We specialize in adaptive software...")
Stefan Ledwina ("My name is Stefan and I'm a crunchaholic. I'm from Vienna/Austria, just another BOINCer,...")
Stefan ("Hi, my name is Stefan and since May 2003 I`m team member of SETI.Germany: ...")
Sid ("My name is Sid and I am crunching BOINC projects from deep in the heart of Texas. ")
Simek (" About me! I\'m a member of cross-project BOINC@Poland Team. I support...")
scsimodo ("In 2003 I started distributed computing with SETI classic and switched to BOINC soon after...")
Sven Giese ("")

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