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Markken ("De L\'Alliance Francophone et fier de l\'être.")
McShane of TSBT ("I am Retired and enjoy my hobby related to computers and meeting others of the same ideas...")
Miko ("My age is 35 yrs. (since 10 years) and i live in a smal, stone-old wodden house in the...")
Myster65 ("Creator of the series of stamps for BOINC and projects. Winner of the QMC@HOME birthday...")
merlinl ("啊~ 你找到我了~ Ah~ You found me~ Ah~ Vous trouvé moi~")
Matthew Love
manuel manchon
Meharts ("Hi I'm from Czech Republic, my name is David")
MasterPtu ("")
MikeMarsUK ("Boinc Synergy! :-) ")

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