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DoctorNow ("Hi! I`m Dirk from the almost world-famous village Beuern near Giessen in...")
Dingo ("I was a Beta tester for BOINC and founder of team BOINC@AUSTRALIA...")
Dan Wulff ("Hey everybody! I can\'t believe they\'re letting nuts like TFFE members help out on Mind...")
diclo ("")
Daniel Stach (Hadra) ("Hi! Clear sky and Mind :-) !")
DrBob ("God bless the United States of America")
DistroMan ("I'm from Sydney, Australia, 50 something and am a retired computer consultant. I love my...")
dago.net ("I startet to work for distributed computing in 1997 with distributed.net\'s RC5-56 project....")
Dennis Kautz ("")
Danielmid ("Hi! I'm Daniel and I live in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Im a member of Calm Chaos, and a...")

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