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Bad2daBone ("")
blackheeler ("BOINCing on the west coast of Australia!")
BOINC*Zappattazz*Synergy ("MindModeling@Home(Beta)!")
Barbud [USA] ("Biomedical Site Manager - CBET")
Barbar ("Clen tymu Space Family. Tym Space Family je zalozeny na individualite, duvere a vzajemne...")
BlkJack-21 ("Proud member of SETI.USA!")
Bober [B@P] ("I come from Warsaw and I am in the greatest Polish team BOINC@Poland. Sometimes I write on...")
Benny (""Wer die Freiheit aufgibt, um Sicherheit zu gewinnen, wird am Ende beides...")
Balmer ("I am from Switzerland. Thanks ")

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