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1) Message boards : News : Power Outage Saturday October 7th (Message 4179)
Posted 16 Oct 2018 by biodoc
Hi Brandon,

I know that the science is the most important factor to those of us who contribute computer time to this project, but team stats are also important to us. Every year boinc teams compete against each other and stats are tracked at the Formula Boinc site. Team Anandtech was number one in points for the MindModeling project until a few days ago because our team stats have not been exported while most other teams do not have this issue.

This is the primary reason why we are requesting that this problem be fised.

Here's a link to the forumula Boinc site:

2) Message boards : News : Power Outage Saturday October 7th (Message 4171)
Posted 12 Oct 2018 by biodoc
We appreciate you looking into this team stats problem Brandon.

I found another team (BOINCstats) that seems to have the same issue.


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