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1) Message boards : News : Goodbye and thanks for all the fish! (Message 4400)
Posted 5 Jun 2020 by Josh Z

Today is my last day working on MindModeling. Taking over as primary devop is Olivia, who has worked with me for the past year. This won't affect day to day operations, beyond who is responding to you all and who is working behind the scenes.

I know we are currently having several issues -- with Lisp jobs on Windows in particular -- that I feel bad for leaving to her, but I know the site is in good hands. Please be patient with her when there are issues. It's a thankless job keeping the lights on, and work moving through the system. :P

Happy crunching!
2) Message boards : News : Outage on 2020 May 21 (Message 4399)
Posted 5 Jun 2020 by Josh Z
No worries. The bugs preventing the current Lisp job from running on Windows is still being worked. Unfortunately I don't know when that will be fixed.

If another scientist submits a job in a different language (e.g. Python, R) that should run on Windows just fine. However, I'm unaware of any coming up soon. It's largely dependent on the S&Es schedules and current research.

3) Message boards : Number crunching : Project fails to run in VirtualBox (Message 4398)
Posted 5 Jun 2020 by Josh Z

I'm not sure why it would be segfaulting. The error rate on the current job has been quite low since we limited it to Linux (there is still the outstanding issue with Lisp on Windows).

If you can, would you provide version numbers for VirtualBox, Debian, and BOINC?

Thank you!
4) Message boards : Number crunching : This project doesn't support computers of type x86_64-pc-linux-gnu? (Message 4397)
Posted 5 Jun 2020 by Josh Z

I'm sorry you (and others) have had this issue. These sort of intermittent errors are incredibly frustrating for our volunteers and us. I haven't been able to recreate the issue, though obviously something is going wrong. It's especially difficult since we don't see any error report returned to us on the server-side, unlike most errors. Please know that we are still trying to track this down.

Thank you!
5) Message boards : Science : Is it worthy to contribute to this project now? (Message 4396)
Posted 5 Jun 2020 by Josh Z

Thank you for considering MindModeling! We appreciate any and all support.

Our project has supported several scientists and engineers in their research over the years. The key issue is that those who develop and run the MM system (currently Olivia and I) are not the ones publishing the work or writing the models.

We ask that the S&Es notify us of their publications that utilize MM, but this hasn't been updated the last several years (as you noticed). That doesn't mean the work units are useless, just that we've done a bad job at collecting and publishing that info!

For example, the currently running model (only on Linux/Lisp) is looking at a model of fatigue and it's effects on cognitive performance. This will help answer questions like: when do we need to schedule crew rest to maintain a safe level of performance?

The maintenance I've discussed before is to the server-side infrastructure and web application that allows those S&E's to submit their jobs to BOINC. We've had several issues lately that need addressed. That doesn't mean the work is of less quality or worth! Far from it.

I hope this answers your questions. Thank you for your time!

6) Message boards : News : Outage on 2020 May 21 (Message 4386)
Posted 21 May 2020 by Josh Z
I'm sorry to report that we had a major outage this morning. I was able to get most things working again this morning around 1600 UTC. I'm sorry for the disruption this has caused!

Given the recent underlying hardware issues, I will likely have to take the system down for major maintenance in the near future. I will post on the forum to give notice.

Thank you for your patience!
7) Message boards : Number crunching : ACT-R computation errors (Message 4383)
Posted 18 May 2020 by Josh Z
the project requires a "baby-sitter" - all kinds of problems block the client until a manual update or reset

Yeah... I'm terribly sorry about that. :( I'm attempting to fix these issues as we go without stopping our current jobs, but several of these require larger changes to very old code. The bandwidth issue is due to our current hosting provider limiting us, I believe. I'm working on that.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Credit points? (Message 4382)
Posted 18 May 2020 by Josh Z
This page has some information on the 2nd BOINC credit system: https://boinc.berkeley.edu/trac/wiki/CreditNew#Thesecondcreditsystem The key piece is that it's based on actual work, not the speed of the processor.

I inherited MindModeling and haven't actually read the credit portion of the code myself. However, based on what you said about other projects giving 10x credit, my hunch is that our models aren't performing as efficiently on your hardware as the other projects. I could be wrong of course, but our models are written and supplied by each modeler. For the most part, these scientists are coming from backgrounds other than programming or computer science. Some of the models are quite efficient, but many are not.

Given that I'm the only one running the server and how little time I have, I doubt this this will change in the near term. If credit is your main goal, you're likely best served by one of the other projects. I know of at least two working on COVID-related research that could likely use you.

Josh [/i]
9) Message boards : Number crunching : This project doesn't support computers of type x86_64-pc-linux-gnu? (Message 4381)
Posted 18 May 2020 by Josh Z
First, I apologize for not replying sooner. I'm the only person currently running the system, troubleshooting errors, and responding to the forums. Hopefully this will change in the future.

The two jobs currently running are being limited to Linux for now. This isn't typical, but we ran into major issues on Windows. I'm working with the modeler now to see what the issue is.
10) Message boards : Number crunching : ACT-R computation errors (Message 4376)
Posted 11 May 2020 by Josh Z

Thank you for bringing this issue to my attention. I've temporarily halted the job while we sort out the issue.

Edit: The job in question has been enabled again, but only for Linux while I continue to figure the issue with Windows out. [/b]
11) Message boards : Number crunching : system time (Message 4369)
Posted 9 May 2020 by Josh Z
The server date/time has been fixed. Please let me know if you see further issues.

12) Message boards : Number crunching : system time (Message 4360)
Posted 6 May 2020 by Josh Z

Thank you for pointing this out! I'll try to sort out what's wrong ASAP.

13) Message boards : Number crunching : Hello - would someone like to explain me which machine types are possible ? (Message 4345)
Posted 26 Mar 2020 by Josh Z

Unfortunately, our project does not support ARM processors. You might look at the other BOINC projects however. Welcome to the BOINC world.!
14) Message boards : News : Please Help Folding@Home Work On COVID-19 (Message 4343)
Posted 19 Mar 2020 by Josh Z
I can't speak to the quality or efficacy of either project's research, but you're correct that both are working on COVID-related jobs right now. I am personally just happy when people contribute to either one!
15) Message boards : News : Please Help Folding@Home Work On COVID-19 (Message 4339)
Posted 16 Mar 2020 by Josh Z
With the global community working hard to cope with Coronavirus, our thoughts are with all of those affected. We are one global community, and all of us must do what we can to address the pandemic. If you don't already, I strongly encourage all of our volunteers to contribute to Folding@Home. They are now working on COVID-19 and need all the computing power they can get. See the link below for more information.


Thank you, and take care!
Josh Z.
16) Message boards : Number crunching : computation error RYZEN (Message 4333)
Posted 28 Feb 2020 by Josh Z
I'm sorry you are having issues with our project! We often find issues with the models our scientists submit, which can cause these issues. However the error rates we saw with this latest job were quite low. Looking at the errors returned, it seems like they are not being caused the model itself, but of course, that might be incorrect. I try to look into these issues, but it can be tough to recreate and track down. Like ChelseaOilman said, I personally haven't seen any errors on our machines.
17) Message boards : Number crunching : Old error again (Message 4332)
Posted 28 Feb 2020 by Josh Z
Getting the nonsense bandwidth error again

Although resetting the project does the trick, I thought this was resovled a long time ago?

Error msg:
MindModeling | Message from server: ACT-R cognitive modeling environment using Clozure Common Lisp (Cross Platform) requires 1.97 KB/sec download bandwidth. Your computer has been measured at 1.95 KB/sec.

I'm sorry that this issue cropped up again! I believe the underlying issue is that our connection is getting overloaded, and so BOINC thinks the bandwidth is much lower than it is. This causes it to backoff, but it doesn't appear to re-assess and increase it again after the congestion clears. I believe this is why resetting the project works.

One of the changes I'm hoping to make in the near future is to use a CDN or something similar for our static assets to alleviate part of this issue. Until then, this may continue to crop up when we have a large number of work in the system.

I too have gotten this error, along with one that says windows_x86_64 is not a recognized platform

I haven't seen this error before, but I've added it to our list of bugs. If you have any additional info, please email me at josh.s.ziegler+mm@gmail.com Thank you!
18) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : What do I have to do to be able to crunch more different tasks? (Message 4329)
Posted 26 Feb 2020 by Josh Z

If you're asking for requirements for running MindModeling work, all you need to BOINC installed. BOINC handles downloading and setup of any requirements that the project work needs.

19) Message boards : Cafe : Unable to download any tasks (Message 4315)
Posted 18 Feb 2020 by Josh Z

I'm sorry to hear you're having issues. I'm also sorry I didn't see and respond to your messages earlier! We have only had a small amount of work lately, and before that, there was a long dry spell. The amount of work available is up to our scientists and engineers needs, and is beyond our control. I hope you understand.

Thank you!
20) Message boards : News : Project Update (Message 4314)
Posted 18 Feb 2020 by Josh Z

Now that its been 12 years since this post https://mindmodeling.org/forum_thread.php?id=30#132 was stickied and 8 years since I asked when it would stop being BETA, does it still need to be stickied? LOL

Point taken on the Beta post. I removed the sticky flag on it, and I previously removed the "Beta" bit from the project a few months ago. There are still one or two places that I need to update.

How about badges? They were requested like 6 years ago and Brandon mentioned in 2015 that they were on the list of things to do...

I'm sorry to hear that your feature request has been languishing for so long! The previous managers (e.g. Brandon) have moved on, and when I was brought on, I think this is one of the items that got lost in the on-boarding shuffle. At the moment, my main concern is updating, fixing and modernizing the project. The next most important priority for me is to attract more scientists and engineers so that we can keep work in the pipleline. That said, I created a feature request ticket for badges! I just can't say that I'll be able to get to them anytime soon.

I also agree that if there was more work (let's face it... over a year?) ..

I hadn't considered asking for volunteers to moderate the forums, and wasn't aware of the umbrella projects you mentioned. So I'll consider and look into both! On the work front, we've had a smattering of work this year, including one scientist who has been doing short baseline runs. After he completes the initial tests and base-lining, there should be plenty of work for a month or so.

Thank you for your feedback and suggestions!

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