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Posted 12 Sep 2017 by holdtheotter
I don't know how many people stumble onto this site but I came here from Wikipedia since I'm writing a paper for Metaphysics and I think MindModelling@Home hopped from cognitive model which hopped from the Multiple Drafts Model explaining consciousness.

My question is...what the heck is going on here and what do you need to do to help? I mean...I have a computer...is this just like...running models on computers or do you need to have actual knowledge of what you're doing because I have none of the latter.

I've by no means exhaustively read every thread on this site but also it just seems like a site for people who already know what they're aiming for. Congrats on the new server, tho?

Like...what are jobs? Or credits? Or badges? why are there teams?

I get that it is volunteer distributed computing but like...for what??

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