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1) Questions and Answers : Windows : RESOLVED -- What is the upgrade procedure to version 3? (Message 426)
Posted 5 Mar 2008 by Profile aiguy
I click on the Windows link beside the upgrade news but do not see a download link.

What is the link for the download of version 3 or is the upgrade sftake place automatically?
2) Questions and Answers : Getting started : Overview of Projects Goals (Message 420)
Posted 4 Mar 2008 by Profile aiguy
I have tried to scan through the Wiki and other links trying to gain an understanding of the goals of the the research and experimental setup.

I haven\'t got a good handle though on the what the research goals are other than understanding conciousness which is very, very broad.

I also seemed picked up on that some of what\'s being modeled has to do with how our minds and conciousness are affected by fatigue.

Could somebody fill in some more blanks and talk about what the actual experimental goals are and how the potential results could be used to help mankind.

I realize the project is still in Beta but having a good explanation I think is critical to attracting more contributors.
3) Questions and Answers : Wish list : Add Ranking and Weekly Delta to Account Page (Message 402)
Posted 27 Feb 2008 by Profile aiguy
It would be nice to easily see what your ranking is and how much you went up or down during the week.

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