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1) Message boards : News : Power Outage Saturday October 7th (Message 4222)
Posted 21 Dec 2018 by Woodles
Looking good here Brandon (UK Boinc Team), thanks.

Happy holidays to you and yours too.
2) Message boards : News : Power Outage Saturday October 7th (Message 4217)
Posted 14 Dec 2018 by Woodles
No problem Brandon, thanks for the update.
3) Message boards : News : Power Outage Saturday October 7th (Message 4215)
Posted 13 Dec 2018 by Woodles
Hi xii5ku,

Thanks for letting us know.

We will be working on a solution to get those credits updated and saw that issue as well.



Hi Brandon,

Any update on this yet? The total team credits are important to teams competing in the Formula Boinc Competition which ends on the 31st December.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Wrong home page address (Message 4204)
Posted 9 Nov 2018 by Woodles
Hi Hal,

There's a file downloaded for each project when you join it. This contains the addresses that the browser will go to when the buttons are clicked.

The one for MindModelling is "/var/lib/boinc-client/account_mindmodelling.org.xml"

In the file, each link has a <name>, a <description> and a <url> You need to edit the <url> entry to include the '/'

Hi Brandon,

I assume the master file that is downloaded by Boinc from the project has the '/' missing.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : All Windows tasks ending with compute error (Message 4178)
Posted 15 Oct 2018 by Woodles
Exit code 195 usually (but not always) means that Boinc can't find the executable.

I would suggest checking any anti-virus programs haven't removed it.
6) Message boards : News : Power Outage Saturday October 7th (Message 4168)
Posted 11 Oct 2018 by Woodles
Just adding to this.

The credits for UK Boinc Team are also 'missing' from Boincstats and FreeDC at least (I haven't checked others)

0 points reported on the 10th although individual team members contributions from Boincstats add to 96,113 and 3,089 reported on the 9th although individual members tally 11,422.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Download bandwidth error message from server. (Message 4009)
Posted 16 Mar 2017 by Woodles
We still are lead to believe that the issue stems from everyone downloading the updated Python app, subsequently consuming our bandwidth. There is not a whole that can be done on our end, other than wait out everyone downloading the update.

The problem should sort itself out in the next couple days after everyone gets the newest update, and everyone can get back to crunching like normal.

Thanks for contributing and happy crunching,

It's still around.
16/03/2017 07:39:20 | MindModeling@Beta | Message from server: Native Python v2.7 Application (Cross Platform) requires 1.97 KB/sec download bandwidth. Your computer has been measured at 1.91 KB/sec.

Not as much as reported before (three times in the past week) but no work until the project is manually removed and re-installed then everything's happy for a couple of days.

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