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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Any Badges on the way? (Message 4175)
Posted 14 Oct 2018 by HighTech67
OK four years since Badges were first talked about so I guess the Project has decided that there will be no Badges ???

It is a shame as it is another way to get people interested in the science you are doing as it adds another competitive measure.

Hope you re consider soon.

Sorry, but I have to disagree with you there. The badges have little or nothing to do with getting anyone interested in any science of any kind.

The badges are there for the glory seekers, at least for the most part. Do I want my computer cycles to be recognized? Sure I do, most people probably do. And the points do that just fine.

We all put in a few minutes for each project and then don't turn the computer off, at least if we either really want to help whatever project or seek points.

Takes some thinking for sure. I used to be a programmer and it took me a while to learn what I know and there are still things I don't know.

Some people, either lucky or addicted, don't know which, spend quite a bit of money building dedicated computers for BOINC. Wish I was in the lucky group and had the money to do that.

You are correct, at least in part when you say the badges add a competitive measure. But the points do that also. So the badges are just extra work for the admins.

I'm sure the admins have enough work to do already with their regular paying jobs, normal lives, and then their normal duties here. Then they have so many people asking the same questions so often. For example, "Are we getting badges", "Why no tasks", and others. They've already answered those questions, and more, a lot of the time in the same thread a couple of posts before another person asks again. If the question hasn't been answered in the thread it is asked again in, it's likely it has been answered somewhere on the message boards and a search would find it. But I reckon it's to hard to do that because the same questions keep getting asked over and over.

I don't read the message boards that often on any project I'm part of. But when I do, I see this on all of them.

Sorry, stuff like that just bugs the !@%& out of me.

John T
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Server down (Message 3343)
Posted 20 Jan 2015 by HighTech67
it looks like there is some problem with the server..

It has been down for hours. I figured either it would send an automated message to the powers that be or that they would see it when they either woke up or got to work.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : You used the wrong URL for this project. When convenient, remove this project, then add https://mindmodeling.org/ (Message 3333)
Posted 12 Jan 2015 by HighTech67
Hello MELund and Hightech67,

Sorry you were having an issue with the URL. We think we know what cause the problem, so we made a few configuration changes, attempted to recreate your problem and failed, so you should be able to connect with https://mindmodeling.org/ just fine now.

If you continue to have issues please let us know.

Thank you for supporting us,


I didn't have do anything. After getting this message, I requested new tasks and got the same no tasks available message as before the error. No detach or anything. I didn't even sync with BOINCstatsBAM! before I tried.

Thank you for fixing this so fast.

John T
4) Message boards : Number crunching : You used the wrong URL for this project. When convenient, remove this project, then add https://mindmodeling.org/ (Message 3331)
Posted 12 Jan 2015 by HighTech67
I am getting the same thing. I'm using a project manager and even after syncing with it, I still get this.

I'm glad I read your post and found out I wouldn't be able to add the project back if I removed it.

I figure as long as BOINC is telling me the project has no tasks and the web site says the same thing, I shouldn't worry to much. I might be way off thinking that tho.
5) Message boards : News : Temporary Suspension of Work (Message 3330)
Posted 12 Jan 2015 by HighTech67
Hopefully in the meantime you can create Windows versions of a few more of your applications. I'd love to be able to donate my processor time without switching my OS.

Either that or start using VirtualBox.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Every wu is failing with Computation Error in Linux Mint (Message 3286)
Posted 1 Oct 2014 by HighTech67
I got that same basic error on several WUs today, 9/30/2014.

It was the first time I noticed them.

They were all 3.09 Native Pypy v1.9 Application (Cross Platform) (sse2) WUs.

I believe there were 42 of them. At least that is what my account here is saying.

I thought Cross Platform tasks meant that they could run on any OS.

There was no Current Job running but there was over 1,000 Tasks ready to send at the time I got the WUs according to the Server Status page here.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Application names (Message 3202)
Posted 24 Jun 2014 by HighTech67
Yes, the redundancy comes from the fact that we have platform specific versions of all our applications (including a cross-platform version). I've updated the database to reflect this architecture. Now the application description includes the platform dependency.

Cheers :)

Thank you so much for doing this.

I do not know about anyone else, but I have been confused by this for years. I only run Winbloze machines but it would have been even worse had I had a mix of OSes.

John T
8) Message boards : Number crunching : RESOLVED--> given up on download ... file not found (Message 1210)
Posted 15 Jan 2009 by HighTech67
It is working this morning on all of my machines. Guess Ubuntu must have been hung on something but worked it out overnight.
9) Message boards : Number crunching : RESOLVED--> given up on download ... file not found (Message 1208)
Posted 15 Jan 2009 by HighTech67
Sorry, but whatever you did was of no help to my Ubuntu X64 Boinc 6.4.5 system. Haven't checked any others.

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