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Posted 23 Nov 2019 by archeye
If by shutting down the forums you mean "no new posts" then fine as people will still be able to review the prior project discussion topics.

An email method of communication sounds fine but then I think you should say do a monthly message on the project status just so all subscribers are regularly informed what is happening with the project.

Now this may be a little off-topic and maybe I am speaking out of turn but when you have staff who need to gain experience with managing the a project how about contacting another boinc project where you have some common scientific ground and maybe sharing the load of some of their WU's. Of course you would not process the results but just upload them to the other project website. Credit would be based on the amount MindModeling would allocate and maybe all returned results except overdue would be assigned credit to simplify the process.

Anyway, just an idea, thanks.

Also, https://www.boincstats.com has placed this project into the retired category. If as you say it is still active then please contact this stats website so they can change the setting for this project.

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