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1) Message boards : Science : why python (Message 2719)
Posted 12 Dec 2013 by [SG-FC] oki

why are you using python for number-crunching?

Python is known to be 10 (to 100) times slower that other languages.

Wouldn't it be a good idea, to translate code into CCL or OCaml?
One time of translation vs. several 1000 times of execution.

Please excuse, if this question is already answered somewhere else...

Best regards
2) Message boards : Number crunching : high RAM for pypy (Message 2718)
Posted 12 Dec 2013 by [SG-FC] oki

this http://mindmodeling.org/result.php?resultid=12377226 pypy app used up to 1,28 GB of RAM.

That is too mutch and would crash my 2600K if it gets more of it at once.

Best regards

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