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1) Message boards : Number crunching : high RAM for pypy (Message 2733)
Posted 26 Dec 2013 by dskagcommunity
I like that a second project beside rosetta use some ram now on 32Bit Systems :)
I had one task with over 1,4GB ram usage, im running a quadcore (S775 Q9550 2,9Ghz 12MB) on XP32 with 3,4GB available. When all 4 running these batch it is very close to the limit. Typical! it uses 2,8-2,9GB (4 tasks) on a flat running XP here. When system is in use and show up to 4GB usage it has some virtualdisking, but its ok because this is only for some minutes the case until Windows put all unused Windows stuff on virtualRam and running fine then again. And when BOINC Sheduler let run WCG on 1 Core beside 3 MM Tasks, thers not a problem in any case. For guys with more then 4 cores i see definite a problem ^^ But then dont use all cores on MM is the easy solution ;)
2) Message boards : News : Incredible Month! (Message 2498)
Posted 8 Mar 2013 by dskagcommunity
Glad to hear :)
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Just a reminder - MM@Home is in Beta status (Message 2407)
Posted 16 Dec 2012 by dskagcommunity
I only want to report MindModeling doesnt run on Win2k (Server).

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