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Posted 3 Nov 2021 by ElenCiua
All Time Fav Book For Adults fifty shades of grey in PDF, EPub, Kindle online Along with audio book
This book is pure Gold for readers. This impressive book gives you thousands of reasons to read it. The book has great lessons that contain useful information and life tips for the readers of all ages.

The biggest hurdle is reading the painfully detailed descriptions of the abuse. Once you can see beyond that and enter the strength of the author, this book invites you to experience the world of misery so many people have experienced that you may never have been able to imagine. It opens your mind to why people are so intricate and individual. This book reminded the reader that we are all a product of our experiences and no one ever fully knows what we ourselves have experienced. This book may teach you to be more apathetic and empathetic to others or it may remind you to forgive yourself.
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Fifty Shades of Grey is a 2011 erotic romance novel by British author E. L. James. It became the first instalment in the Fifty Shades novel series that follows the deepening relationship between a college graduate, Anastasia Steele, and a young business magnate, Christian Grey.

Read "Fifty Shades Of Grey Book One of the Fifty Shades Trilogy" by E L James available from Rakuten Kobo. "And in this quiet moment as I close my eyes

You can fight the demons inside you when you find your true love."
At first, I wonder why Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James became a phenomenon worldwide as readers grabbed a copy of its Book 1-3. I have read many book reviews about it saying that it doesn't really fall to romance-novel category but rather pornographic which is full of sexual taboos; but others said that it is a roller-coaster full of emotions.
I bought a copy of the novel from a thrift store for the benefit of the doubt and I was not disappointed. I read the whole Book 1-3 without skipping anything. Though the story is endearing and sexy, I focused on the flow on how an innocent but brave English-Literature major collegian, Anastasia Steele revealed her "inner goddess" in order to overcome the "demons" of Christian Grey, a self-made, gorgeous and hot 27-year-old billionaire who is psychologically and emotionally haunted by his rude childhood.
I admire how Anastasia soften the heart of Christian and helped him conquer his darkest personality, let him forgive his mother by visiting her grave, and leave his past behind to move on with his life as a changed man until they got married and blessed with two kids.
The line of Christian: "It's not me. It's you who is changing me," signifies that Anastasia made him a renewed man. Her love serves as the "cure" to the "cancer" he has been battling throughout his life.
For me, this novel is good. But I recommend this to READERS who are ADULT ENOUGH to understand the purpose of reading not just the pleasure of it.

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