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Posted 17 Aug 2021 by Profile HEALTHYFOODS
Silk tissue pasta with pesto

Components For the pasta 250g/9oz Italian' 00′ flour, notwithstanding extra for cleaning One unfenced egg 3 free wandering eggs,… Dessert

Dorset Apple Tray plan

Trimmings 225g spread, mellowed, notwithstanding extra for the tin 450g making apples (like Bramley) ½ lemon, crushed 280g splendid…

Lunchbox Snacks

Trimmings bean plunge with vegetablesticks Raspberry bananasmoothie Cinnamon custardplums Apricot yogurt granola pots carrot and pineapple rolls (all components for…

Chocolate treats

Trimmings 100g/3½oz wholemeal, spelt or possibly plain flour Two tbsp cocoa powder ¼ tsp bicarbonate of pop ¼ tsp salt…

The Beach Cocktail

Trimmings ice50ml vodka25ml peach schnappstwo oranges, crushed, similarly as Two slices to garnish50ml cranberry juiceglace cherries, to enhance (optional)…

Hazelnut Brownies

Trimmings box of sixteen Ferrero Rocher chocolates250g pack salted margarine, notwithstanding extra for greasing250g splendid caster sugar225g light muscovado sugar100g…

Kids' Baked Potato Gnocchi With Pesto

Components For the pesto 30g/1oz new basil? clove garlic, crushedOne tbsp toasted pine walnuts or nuts (optional)Two tbsp ground parmesan1-2… Dessert

Vodka strawberry cheesecake

Components For the vodka strawberries 100ml/3?fl oz vodka One tbsp caster sugar One tsp vanilla bean stick 400g/4oz strawberries, quartered…[/img]

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