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1) Questions and Answers : Wish list : Credit (Message 944)
Posted 27 Aug 2008 by Profile Keck_Komputers
All of the tasks you have processed have errors.

Are you running a 64bit OS? This project has had many problems with 64bit OS's.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Attached 3 machines, 2 only get computation errors (Message 859)
Posted 30 Jun 2008 by Profile Keck_Komputers
See this thread. This project does not work with 64bit OS\'s without installing a patch.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : No Cretit given (Message 800)
Posted 11 Jun 2008 by Profile Keck_Komputers
Most of your tasks have errors. The details I looked at had \"can\'t create init file\" listed as the error. This may mean a permissions error in your BOINC file structure. However assuming you are running other projects on the same computer successfully that seems unlikely. Try resetting the project, if you still get errors after that try detaching, rebooting, and reattaching.
4) Questions and Answers : Windows : RESOLVED -- System Keep detaching (Message 502)
Posted 16 Mar 2008 by Profile Keck_Komputers
If you use an account manager like BAM! you need to attach using the account manager.
5) Questions and Answers : Windows : 64-bit BOINC client / 32-bit work. (Message 173)
Posted 30 Jan 2008 by Profile Keck_Komputers
BTW I am getting the same problem with winXP64 as originally posted.

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