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1) Message boards : News : Hello, all! (Message 4550)
Posted 10 Dec 2020 by The red spirit
Apparently it is quite dead, but site gives some works occasionally. Few months ago I received some work. It had many errors. Initially it worked on Windows, but later it became linux only (worked fine through VM). This site is trying to keep itself alive for those occasion when they have some work to distribute, so participation of members is poor. Also official staff seems to rarely visit it. For like 10 years this project has been in beta status. It seems to have been more active earlier and during higher activity times it had more solid work units so beta status was removed. From my experience now it's not all that solid, errors are common, tweaking is often needed, workarounds are needed.

So if you are looking to contribute to it, you will have to have a lot of patience and deal with many issues. If you are looking for something easy to contribute to, then this project isn't really for you.
2) Message boards : Science : PVT Walsh P (Message 4423)
Posted 12 Jun 2020 by The red spirit
I have another question, why does website say that job is completed, but there's only like 6% of it is completed? Now that I mention it, there seems to be many more of those jobs, where they didn't reach 100% and website says that they are completed.
3) Message boards : Cafe : Unable to download any tasks (Message 4419)
Posted 10 Jun 2020 by The red spirit
Not sure if you are still interested, but there's a lot for work for linux now. If you don't have any native linux machine, you can set up VM and install linux distro of your choice. Then install BOINC and crunch.
4) Message boards : Science : PVT Walsh P (Message 4418)
Posted 10 Jun 2020 by The red spirit
I am wondering what those two PVT Walsh P (1 and 4) jobs are researching. Does anyone have any idea?
5) Message boards : News : Outage on 2020 May 21 (Message 4395)
Posted 4 Jun 2020 by The red spirit
This is kind of off-topic, but will there be any Windows WUs in near future?
6) Message boards : News : Please Help Folding@Home Work On COVID-19 (Message 4342)
Posted 18 Mar 2020 by The red spirit
I was wondering if Rosetta@Home also contributes to finding cure for coronavirus. They seem to be more open with their research, but seemingly no one uses it as much as Folding@Home. Is it less effective or just less popular?

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