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Questions and Answers : Getting started : How do I change my

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Message 3390 - Posted: 7 Mar 2015, 0:01:30 UTC

How do I change my user name for the mindmodeling?

Previously, I joined multiple BOINC projects and used different user names.

Now it is a mess keeping track of them. For greater ease, I am trying to make my user name the same for all my attached projects.

I can't find an option to do so. I can't even find an option to "cancel" my current membership so I could just restart fresh.


Thank you.

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Message 3391 - Posted: 7 Mar 2015, 1:33:45 UTC - in response to Message 3390.
Last modified: 7 Mar 2015, 1:36:30 UTC


1. On main page click the link called "Your Account".

2. There should be a row called "Change", the third item in that row should be called "Other Account Info" click on that.

3. On that screen the first text box should be your current user name and you can change it from there.

4. After you have edited your name then click the "update info" button at the bottom of the page.

Hope this helps, and if you need anything else just let me know.

Thanks for supporting us,


Questions and Answers : Getting started : How do I change my

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