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Message boards : News : SASTNM_9 Complete! Thanks Crunchers!

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Message 1787 - Posted: 4 Feb 2009, 0:00:00 UTC

After many hours, and hard crunching, we've completed two of our largest tasks ever (1,500,00 nodes)!! SASTNM_9_9 completed over a week ago, and it's sister job, SASTNM_9_7, will complete in a short period of time (it's currently 99.93% complete). Thanks to all the volunteers for continuing to aid us in our mind modeling efforts, and greatly furthering our research goals. Your contributions are extremely appreciated. In the next couple of days we'll be adding a whole new set of jobs to crunch (the SASTNM_10 family), so get ready for some heavy crunching. And as always, email me or post to our bulletin if you have an questions.

Message boards : News : SASTNM_9 Complete! Thanks Crunchers!

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