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Questions and Answers : Windows : State Of Things

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Message 230 - Posted: 31 Jan 2008, 23:53:52 UTC
Last modified: 16 Sep 2008, 2:34:39 UTC

Current Version: mm_ACTR_3.45

Graphics: Yes

State: Working
Working (some systems have problems running SBCL)
Available for Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista

Process List:
mm_ACTR_graphics_X.XX_windows_intelx86.exe - graphics
mm_ACTR_X.XX_windows_intelx86.exe - Lisp wrapper and interface to BOINC
mm_sbcl.exe - (ver Lisp process doing the science
mm_watchdog.exe - monitor in the background to ensure a child mm_sbcl process does not persist after mm_ACTR exits

Know issues: SBCL is not running on some Windows systems -- it requires at least 512MB of available RAM (no patch should be required) -- SBCL 1.0.19 reports better windows support via dynamic memory allocation; however heap exhaustion has been experienced by this version with 3.40-3.43

3.4 - patch is no longer required for 64-bit and Vista computers to run SBCL
--3.44 is using the patch file as default (3.4-3.43 attempted to use 1.0.19)
--1.0.19 returns output from the time function in a different format than previous version however once we accommodate this difference, 1.0.19 will be tried again

ACTR_3.40 allows for independent versions of SBCL (per platform) therefore upgrading of application can now happen asynchronously

In version 3.00 and above mm_ACTR should take very little CPU and mm_SBCL should monopolize everything doing the science

SBCL is now run with the --dynamic-space-size 512 within the application

Profile Jack.Harris
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Joined: 24 Apr 07
Posts: 507
Credit: 761,261
RAC: 0
Message 985 - Posted: 12 Sep 2008, 1:47:03 UTC - in response to Message 230.
Last modified: 13 Sep 2008, 13:13:56 UTC

Starting with 3.4 the application has been more aware of when something did not run correctly.

MM Unique Computation Error Codes have been added to help identify problems:
MM Unique Error codes are in 900s - An error code is generated every time a "Compation Error" occurs. These values can be determined in one of two way.

    1. Check the web page under your account(preferred)
    2. Create a file called 'debug' in the project directory (MindModeling.org_beta subdirectory). This will create a DELETE_ME_TO_CONTINUE file in a respective slots directory with the return value and a message. The WU will never finish as long a that file is present -- Be sure to remove the file (debug) to return to normal crunching.

BOINC Error Codes(-100 : -213)

General Error Codes

  • 0: "No Errors"
  • 1: "Child process return value: app error running lisp: 0x1"
      --SBCL did not run on your computer
    • RAM is normally the culprit
    • Recommend 512 MB of RAM per instance of the application (per core)
      (plus a little for OS overhead)

MindModeling Custom Codes (900 : 999)

  • 900: "Error reading jobinfo.xml";
    --Probably a bad WU (reset project)
  • 901: "Can not copy ACTR folder to slots dir";
    --Out of Hard drive space?
    --Do you have security permissions to write to your projects directory?
  • 902: "Could not change directory to Slots Dir";
    --Should not occur - Application bug?
  • 903: "Could not change directory to Project Dir";
    --Should not occur - Application bug?
  • 904: "Can not unzip LISP"
    --On the First WU of a new application version for multi-processor machines; there is a chance of a race condition could occur where multiple processes are trying to get the LISP unzipped -- a WU could error. This should happen only once (after LISP is unzipped it is not unzipped again each WU)
    --Reoccurring 904 errors -- Out of Hard drive space? (manually unzip mm_sbcl zip file to projects directory)?
  • 905: "Could Not unzip ACT-R"
    -- Out of Hard drive space? (every on unzips to there slots directory removing the ACT-R race condition)
  • 906: "Couldn't find input file, resolved name"
  • 907: "Couldn't find Lisp_Command_line_Parameters file, resolved name"
  • 908: "Model died";
    --LISP (SBCL) had a problem
    --The cognitive model had a bug
  • 999: "ACT-R failed to loaded"
    --LISP (SBCL) had a problem
    --The cognitive architecture had a bug

MindModeling@Home is fun

Questions and Answers : Windows : State Of Things

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