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Message boards : Science : Is this still an active project?

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Capt Joshua Rivera
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Message 1469 - Posted: 4 Dec 2009, 17:22:21 UTC

Can we have an update on the progress/activity of this project?

When might it ever have some activity/etc?

Should we just remove the project all together from our BOINC Client?

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Joined: 8 Mar 09
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Message 1470 - Posted: 4 Dec 2009, 23:50:45 UTC - in response to Message 1469.

There's been no word at all form the admins for months. I'm detaching finally. Its a shame, I thought this was some really cool science. Maybe I'll remember to check back in like 6 months to see if anyone has posted an update yet.

Profile TJ Olaes
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Message 1884 - Posted: 10 Aug 2011, 20:15:47 UTC
Last modified: 10 Aug 2011, 20:18:39 UTC

Sorry this response is about a year-and-a-half after-the-fact, but rest assured this project is very much alive. We don't have a community manager, so we're checking this forum while we develop the system as time permits.


Message boards : Science : Is this still an active project?

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