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Message boards : Science : Task never finish estimation

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Oleksii Yatsenko
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Message 3583 - Posted: 28 Nov 2015, 21:27:11 UTC

Hi all,

Sorry if i choosed incorrect topic for my question, but i installed BOINC today and subscribe to this project. I recieved a task and started to execute it. My first estimate of complete was 2 hours but now it 100 hours and continue grow up. What is it ? I have Win 10 and Intel 4690k it work on 25 % of resources.

Is someone met this issue and resolved it ?

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Message 3584 - Posted: 30 Nov 2015, 15:55:19 UTC

Hello Oleksii Yatsenko,

Thanks for letting us know about your issue. Our system should kill the task if it has been running for longer than 2.5 hours of cpu time.

If your percentage complete has not changed in a couple of hours, try killing the task and then attempt to get more work.

Something may have gone wrong with this particular work-unit.

Thanks for supporting us and happy crunching,

Brandon Nolan

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Message 4656 - Posted: 7 Apr 2021, 21:02:34 UTC
Last modified: 7 Apr 2021, 21:02:34 UTC

its quite difficult task

Message boards : Science : Task never finish estimation

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