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Message 3560 - Posted: 22 Oct 2015, 14:38:45 UTC

I approach the project in a traditional manner with the assumptions that;

Project premises;

1) The mind is responsible for the behavior of the body within which it resides. One can say that the mind then has a well defined biological job to perform,the same as any life support system of the body.

2) The mind is wholly linguistic by function. Language is a means by which the environment is virtualized in the mind in order to do its biologically defined job. From the definition of a thing, and biological divisions of the body, one then arrives at the fact that there are two, and only two primitive branches of language; logic and analogic. Logics are indexing systems for analog content. Logics, in of themselves have no meaning, all meaning is the analog content.

If one is seeking to make valid changes in the world, there is then only one rational approach which was concisely outlined by Confucius in the little quote concerning the rectification of names, exampled by the Dialogs of Plato, exercised by how the Judeo-Christian Scripture is sealed to man's understanding.

Human behavior is directly related to the principles of language which are functionally resident in the mind.

It is tedious work, especially the new analog language I am working on. I decided to make a short dictionary of glyphs, which involves a lot of graphics.

I am looking for a project mate, etc., and what that person contributes will be her own decision, we all, after all, are responsible for our own behavior.

I archive material on the Internet Archive; there one can review a great deal about the project and about me and my social situation.

I am not a social animal, I simply have a great deal of work I would like to get done.

Search the Internet Archive for johnclark8659. All work being done is for free world wide distribution.

As the human species is young, there currently exists a dissociative disorder in mankind, i.e., language processing. The human race is currently proto-linguistic. One simply does what they can to change that.


Message boards : Cafe : My own Mind Project

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