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Message boards : Cafe : Current Jobs None 06.08.2015

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Message 3541 - Posted: 6 Aug 2015, 12:39:46 UTC

End beta?

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Message 3543 - Posted: 7 Aug 2015, 13:11:44 UTC - in response to Message 3541.

I was wondering about that too.

It's not often I don't see the cores of my server's CPU in the friendly blue 100% usage color.

I was wondering if something was wrong but apparently there's just no more work to be done?


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Message 3544 - Posted: 8 Aug 2015, 1:02:27 UTC
Last modified: 8 Aug 2015, 1:15:27 UTC

Hey Guys,

Our Modelers have been very busy running jobs varying in size and type this summer.

Now they are busy analyzing the data, and identifying what new research questions need to be answered, which will create more work.

While it's difficult to say when the next large batch of work will be coming. I will make sure to try to make an announcement when more work is available.

MindModeling is definitely still going strong!!!

If you need anything please let me know.

Thank you for all your support,


Message boards : Cafe : Current Jobs None 06.08.2015

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