Assessing Collaborative Problem Solving

Julia HilseHeidelberg University
Daniel HoltHeidlberg University
Andreas FischerHeidelberg University, Heidelberg, Germany
Joachim FunkeHeidelberg University


Collaborative Problem Solving (CoPS) comprises the combined competence of complex problem solving and communication skills as in CoPS situations a shared problem understanding has to be established and knowledge, skills and efforts of the individual team members have to be aligned to reach the common goal (c.f. Care & Griffin, in prep., p. 6; OECD, 2013, p.6). Although CoPS skills are of interest to researchers and practitioners there is a lack of valid and reliable diagnostic instruments. We developed an instrument to assess CoPS that focuses on structured communication between the participant and computer-simulated agents using a menubased chat system. In addition to communicating, participants can also interact with the task presented on the screen. Results of qualitative pretests point out that our instrument seems to be appropriate to assess CoPS skills and is a promising method for research in the field of CoPS.


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