Effects of reading strategies on comprehension and metacomprehension

Kyung Soo DoSungkyunkwan University
Jiyoung KimSungkyunkwan University


Two experiments were conducted to find effective reading strategies. Generating keywords, summarizing, answering questions, and rereading strategies were tested in Experiment 1. Answering questions yielded the best performance both in comprehension and the accuracy of judgment of learning(JOL). In Experiment 2, four reading strategies were tested to find the key aspects of answering question strategy. Three strategies related with question answering - generating questions, generating and answering questions, answering peer generated questions - and rereading strategy were tested. Generating condition yielded the best performance, whereas generating and answering questions yielded the worst performance. Results of the two experiments showed that answering question is the best strategy both in comprehension and metacomprehension, especially when the questions included the most important point of the text. The results suggested that both the depth of processing and the cognitive load of the strategy affected the effectiveness of reading strategies.


Effects of reading strategies on comprehension and metacomprehension (1 KB)

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