Sound-symbolic correspondences with figures of known entities

Andrea FluminiUniversity of Bologna
Mariagrazia RanziniUniversité Libre de Bruxelles
Anna Maria BorghiUniversity of Bologna


The existence of sound-to-shape correspondences has been demonstrated in the literature on sound-symbolism using double forced-choice paradigms and ad hoc figures. In two experiments, we tested if the sound-shape correspondence effect would be observed when participants were required to name one by one figures of every-day entities. Additionally, as stimuli represented known entities, we hypothesized that the sound-symbolic effect would be influenced by the entities’ category (i.e., natural, artificial). Results confirmed the sound-shape correspondence in both experiments. Furthermore, in Experiment 2 a modulation due to the category was observed while participants, both adults and children, named agents (i.e., animals, anthropomorphous robots). Results are discussed in the framework of embodied cognition theories.


Sound-symbolic correspondences with figures of known entities (115 KB)

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