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Message boards : Science : Cognitive Modeling and ACT-R

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Message 4 - Posted: 28 Jan 2008, 1:17:16 UTC

ACT-R is the cognitive framework we use to study human cognition.
Please visit Carnegie Mellon University\'s ACT-R website for more infomation

ACT-R is implemented in Lisp. The MindModeling@Home project distributes a version of Steel Bank Common Lisp (sbcl) with its ACT-R BOINC wrapper application. SBCL was the Lisp version chosen because of it\'s supports for such a rich variety of environments [windows, mac, linux ...]

The science conducted at MM@Home will help evolve the ACT-R architecture. The ACT-R architecture acts as an integrating environment for many theories of cognition and as it improves, so too will the cognitive modeling community\'s understanding of the human mind.


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Message 23 - Posted: 28 Jan 2008, 10:22:53 UTC

Oh cool!

I think I briefly read about ACT-R in grad school.

Ah yes, now that I look at the publications, I read Simon\'s Computational evidence for the foundations of numerical competence for my MA thesis. That was an incredible paper. I really enjoyed it.
Kathryn :o)
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Message 5738 - Posted: 2 Apr 2022, 13:36:40 UTC
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Message boards : Science : Cognitive Modeling and ACT-R

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