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Message boards : Science : Relation between Animation and Science

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Message 6525 - Posted: 17 Jun 2022, 14:21:12 UTC
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Science animation is the use of animated resources, such as videos, images, slides, etc., to teach about science. Take Geoff Lawton's online services on Permaculture video animation services as an example. Early on, he made more than 700 videos of himself teaching a lesson in real time. But these videos can't fully show and explain how permaculture works because it is so complicated and vague. So, Geoff worked on putting together live-action and animated videos for his courses and making 330 learning videos. Students need science animations to help them understand the complicated effects of landscapes and climates, which would take hours to explain in words alone.

The most important thing about science animation is how accurate it is. There shouldn't be any confusion when it comes to teaching science, whether it's applied science or natural science. In other words, a student's base of knowledge needs to be strong, firm, and confident for their learning journey to grow. Science can now be both fun and educational with the help of animated materials.

Message boards : Science : Relation between Animation and Science

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