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Message boards : Science : What is the potential of an ecommerce business?

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Message 6476 - Posted: 14 Jun 2022, 13:54:03 UTC
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Compared to how it began, the current e-commerce marketplace trend has spread its wings in many directions. Today's e-commerce custom web design is more than just an online marketplace where individuals can buy and sell items; it has expanded swiftly, from hyperlocal to incorporating artificial intelligence to delivering even intangible goods and services like GST compliance or short-term loans.

1- Hyperlocal e-commerce market:

Players in the hyperlocal e-commerce industry supply products within a few hours after placing an order. They're pushing the boundaries of e-commerce to new heights.

2- Intangible marketplace: E-commerce is no longer just a location where you may buy consumer goods. Today, many businesses offer products and services like loans, GST compliance, warehousing, and other services.

3- Online-to-offline marketing:

In the past, most offline firms paid little attention to the online world. Every other brand gradually tried to encroach on this territory. More and more established online players are branching out into the offline market to boost their businesses.

Message boards : Science : What is the potential of an ecommerce business?

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