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MindModeling@Home (Beta) is a research project that uses volunteer computing for the advancement of cognitive science. The research focuses on utilizing computational cognitive process modeling to better understand the human mind. We need your help to improve on the scientific foundations that explain the mechanisms and processes that enable and moderate human performance and learning. Please join us in our efforts! MindModeling@home is not for profit.

MindModeling@Home (Beta) is based in Dayton, OH at the University of Dayton Research Institute and Wright State University


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CogSci 2014!
CogSci 2014, the annual meeting of the cognitive science society, held its 36th annual meeting this year in Quebec City, Canada

The theme was:
"Cognitive Science Meets Artificial Intelligence: Human and Artificial Agents in Interactive Contexts"

Many MindModeling researchers were both presenting their research and interacting with other cognitive scientists from all other the world at this event.

You can visit Cognitive Science Society's website here: http://cognitivesciencesociety.org/conference2014/index.html.

Or checkout the conference's proceedings (hosted by MindModeling.org) here:
7 Aug 2014, 22:28:40 UTC · Comment

Temporary Suspension of Work
Hi all,

We're temporarily suspending our BOINC feeder while we deploy new versions of all our applications. It shouldn't take more than a couple of hours. I'll keep you posted.

25 Jun 2014, 13:46:04 UTC · Comment

Power Shutdown this Saturday (2014-03-08)
I apologize for the late notice, but I just received word that the Wright State University Engineering building where the MindModeling servers are located will be shut down temporarily this Saturday 2014-03-08 from 0700-1200 EST. I will be turning off our servers several hours in advance to facilitate a graceful shutdown. During this period, you will not be able to access our scheduler, this website, etc. There is a chance that I may not be able to remotely power-on the devices, in which case we will not have access again until the following Monday.

6 Mar 2014, 20:05:14 UTC · Comment

MindModeling Server Migration
Hi All,

This morning we migrated our production system from it's home at the University of Dayton to it's new location at Wright State University. This allowed us to:

  • Completely decouple our development and production systems
  • Increase RAM, disk space, CPU cores, and I/O performance

If you experience any issues, please report them to the forums and we'll address them as soon as possible. However, I suspect a quick reset or detach/reattach of the project may fix a lot of problems, so give that a try first.

And as always, thanks for providing all of the invaluable resources to furthering cognitive modeling research. We've had an incredible couple of months, crunching 127,400+ days worth of computations, and it couldn't have been done without you!

Looking ahead, we should have a new web interface deployed soon and a new version of our CCL wrapper.

-Tom 8 Nov 2013, 21:09:58 UTC · Comment

CogSci 2013 and Other Updates
Since the last news post, CogSci 2013, the annual meeting of the cognitive science community, held it's conference in Berlin, Germany. From the CogSci's website:

CogSci 2013's theme is "Cooperative Minds: Social Interaction and Group Dynamics." This theme reflects a rapidly growing interest in the Cognitive Science community, namely a move from the study of individual cognition to the social realm. A further topic will be Cognitive Interaction Technologies, a rather new field aiming at a thorough understanding of the processes and functional constituents of cognitive interaction in order to replicate them in technical systems.

In addition to attendance from several researchers in our lab, cognitive scientists from all other the world get together to their latest theories and data. You can visit their website here: http://cognitivesciencesociety.org/conference2013/index.html.

Or checkout the proceedings (hosted by MindModeling.org) here:

Previous years proceedings are also available from links under the Science tab in the MindModeling navigation bar.

Also, the project will be pushing out a new feature soon which captures the average model runtime for each job to more precisely target workunits to one hour (specifically for tasks with variable runtimes). This is currently in the testing phase.

Other updates:
-Ongoing development of a new web UI for volunteers
-Ongoing developing a new screensaver application that is compatible with all of our cognitive modeling platforms and projects (in-progress)
-Ongoing development of infrastructure controlled sampling to allow researchers to specify how much each individual parameter set should be sampled and aggregated before accepting.
-Project descriptions available here: http://mindmodeling.org/forum_thread.php?id=681

More work on the horizon!
26 Aug 2013, 15:33:47 UTC · Comment

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