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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Permission denied (Message 1834)
Posted 8 Apr 2011 by ejeancolas
Hi! When I try to upload a result, I get the following messages :

153: 07-Apr-2011 07:36:03 (low) [MindModeling@Beta] Started upload of MindModeling-7-4d82cdf653be1_1_0
154: 07-Apr-2011 07:36:05 (high) [MindModeling@Beta] [error] Error reported by file upload server: can't open file /gpdata/pe/boinc/project/upload/7d/MindModeling-7-4d82cdf653be1_1_0: Permission denied
155: 07-Apr-2011 07:36:05 (low) [MindModeling@Beta] Temporarily failed upload of MindModeling-7-4d82cdf653be1_1_0: transient upload error

Any idea to help me ?

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